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Gilberto Jordan

The three Polish couriers


Since May 2016, a new work of urban in Estoril, Portugal, pays tribute to Jan Karski (1914 - 2000) and his friends Jerzy Jan Lerski (1917 - 1992) and Jan Nowak-Jeziorański (1914 - 2005). The three famous Polish intellectuals actively participated in the resistance against the German occupation, working underground to fuel the Polish government in exile and the allies with valuable information for the development of the war against the Nazis.

In the commemorative plaque of the sculpture, we can read: «It is thanks to these men and the other anonymous heroes that the terror of the Second World War was stopped at an earlier moment. Their courage and wisdom contributed to the foundation of the transatlantic system. Seventy years later, the Atlanticism remains the key factor to peace and stability of the European nations.»

Resulting from a collaboration of the Polish Embassy in Portugal with the Mayor of Cascais, and sponsored by the Spitzman Jordan Family, this new piece of urban art is placed in the gardens of the Casino Estoril.

Andrew Jordan was distinguished with the highest honour of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

The Medal of Merit Pedro Ernesto is the main tribute that Rio de Janeiro pays to those who most stands out in Brazilian society or at an international level.

The award was named in recognition of the work of the doctor and politician Pedro Ernesto, prefect in the period between 1931 and 1936 and a great defender of social policies.

In August 1942, his death was acknowledge in the pages of Time Magazine and Pedro Ernesto was portrayed as «the most beloved man in Brazil».

André Jordan distinguished in Rio de Janeiro

André Jordan in Forbes magazine (Portugal)

Forbes magazine (Portugal) devotes the cover and ten pages of its January 2017 edition to André Jordan, a work of journalist Pedro Garcia with photos of Victor Machado.


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President of the Republic Cup is back
at the Belas Clube de Campo

The André Jordan Group brought back the President of the Republic Cup, for the first time played at the Belas Clube de Campo. It had become a regular event between 2000 and 2005, organized in Vilamoura with the high sponsorship of President Jorge Sampaio. The actual President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, was present at Belas Clube de Campo: «We are here especially to honour André Jordan, who is a pioneer who understood what tourism was in Portugal sooner than the common mortal. We are here to thank you, to greet you for your persistence, your vision and your youth.»

More than a sports competition, the President of the Republic Cup aims to promote the image of Portugal as a travel destination and its best golf courses, while raising funds for private social solidarity institutions. In 2017 will benefit the Center for Education for the Citizen with Disabilities, based in Mira Sintra, which has 2500 users and more than two hundred employees.

The event was played by 74 invited players of different nationalities and was won by the pair composed by Ernâni Magalhães and Soren Pedersen. The Afonso Patrício Gouveia Cup, for the best lady in the competition, was awarded to Sharon Henderson.

Real Estate Personality Award 2017

for Gilberto Jordan

Three highlights from the projects developed by André Jordan Group in Portugal: BELAS CLUB DE CAMPO (now under a new expansion phase) and two other big developments already sold to international investors: QUINTA DO LAGO and VILAMOURA XXI.

The connections to the golf practices and strict sustainability policies are trademarks of the André Jordan projects. Learn more about these developments following the dedicated links.


André Jordan


The André Jordan Group was created in the cosmopolitan scenario of the Wonderful City: Rio de Janeiro. In the 40s of the 20th century, Henryk Spitzman Jordan, a businessman of Polish nationality, starts reconstructing  the life of his family, forced to exile by the war in Europe.

More than 70 years later, the business group that Henryk Spitzman Jordan founded in Rio de Janeiro is still active. Over the past four decades under the impetus of his son, André, and today under the leadership of his grandson, Gilberto, after crossing several historical upheavals and moving from Brazil to Portugal. One of its most recent projects, still expanding, is the Belas Clube de Campo.

On this website, the visitor will find different elements that contribute to a better understanding of the trajectory of the André Jordan Group, mainly in the PROJECTS page, with images and information about current and past achievements.

In the GALLERIES page you will find photos and videos about André Jordan and the achievements of the Group.

On the page OBSERVATION DECK you will find texts and notes signed by André Jordan, on the progress of the world, as well as some comments and press clippings related to economic issues, real estate and tourism.